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Nomination forms for 2020 Teaching Excellence Awards and Support Staff Excellence Awards for Performance and Service will be available soon. They will be awarded in February 2021.  Information on the nomination process is below.

Teaching Excellence Awards

About the Teaching Excellence Awards

In 2010, the Teaching Excellence Awards were inaugurated at Brisbane State High School to reward teachers who have been recognised by their peers and/or members of the wider community for sustained excellence in teaching.

The five awards granted each year at the discretion of the selection committee are:

  1. Excellence in Classroom Teaching
  2. Leadership in Teaching and Learning
  3. Extra-Curricular Commitment by a Teacher
  4. Excellence by a Beginning Teacher (year one or two of full-time teaching)
  5. School Council Award 

Each award winner will be presented with a trophy at a school celebratory event, a place on the honour board and a prize in recognition of their contribution to the State High community.

Selection process

All nominees will be assessed on evidence provided in relation to each of the following criteria, which will be given equal consideration by the selection committee.

  1. Draws on a body of professional knowledge and research to respond to the needs of students.
  2. Makes learning engaging and valuable, and operates effectively at all stages of the teaching and learning cycle.
  3. Commitment to learning and professionalism in all interactions with students, colleagues, parents and the community.
  4. Ability to effectively implement practices that align with the School Improvement Plan.

A fifth criterion will apply for nominations for the Leadership in Teaching and Learning Award and the School Council Award.

Nomination process

The Teaching Excellence Awards Nomination Form will become available once nominations are open for 2020. This form should be used to nominate for the award. 

Completed nomination forms must be emailed to The submission deadline will be advised once nominations open.

Candidates may either submit a self-nomination or be nominated. If self-nominating, two other staff members must support the application. Nominations for the Teaching Excellence Awards can be made by parents, guardians and students,  but must be supported by one Brisbane State High School staff member.

Teachers and Heads of Department can be nominated for more than one category, however each nomination must include a separate nomination form and evidence for each category being nominated. Nominators must inform the candidate prior to submission of nomination.

All nominations will be considered for the Excellence in Classroom Teaching Award.

For assistance or further information, please email

Why nominate?

Teachers do amazing work every day in our school. This is a great opportunity to recognise and thank them. Recognising a teacher for an award is a celebration for the whole school community. Nominations keep the focus on the high standards of teaching and learning in our school.

Teaching Excellence Awards Honour Board


Katrina Hundt
Param Nabanidham
Sione Fukofuka
Tara Richmond


Tony Robertson
Amanda Nuell
Emmanuel Hatzioannou
Antonios Apergis


Amalia Kidd
Bev Tavio
John Davis
Nikki Bazaine


Dani Towers
Jacqueline Wilton
Natasha Clifford
Marian Dan


Natalie Coleman
Paul Kennard
Graham Noon
Yael Leibovitch


Aimee Gust
Alicia Streets
Loren Skyring
Rory Johanson
Deanne Haffner


Jan Holland
Shannon McGeady
Lachlan Morris
Jamie Peters
Janine Bennett


Brianna Winsor
Yael Leibovitch
Wayne Niven
Katrina Beck-Harris
Matthew Langmack
Leisa McGiffin​


Yumi Martin
Sandor Harris
Antonios Apergis
Jacky Hodges
Chesa Kelly​​


Emma Polinelli
Brett Sue See
Jeff Woodroffe
Emma Charlton

Support Staff Excellence Awards for Performance and Service

About the Support Staff Excellence Awards for Performance and Service

Brisbane State High School also recognises exemplary work undertaken by our Support Staff. Each year, the Support Staff Excellence Awards for Performance and Service are presented to recipients during a school celebratory event. These awards recognise support staff work, performance and service of the highest calibre together with a work ethic that is above and beyond the standard expectations held for this category of staff in schools.

A selection committee decides - from nominations submitted by staff, students and parents - recipients to be honoured at a school celebratory event with the presentation of a trophy, a place on the honour board and a prize in recognition of their contribution to the BSHS community.

Nominations are open to Administrative, Cleaning, Facilities, ICT, Pastoral, Science and Teacher Aide Staff.

Selection process

To be eligible for the Support Staff Excellence Awards for Performance and Service, the support staff employee nominee must have a minimum of one year of service at Brisbane State High School, working at least .50 FTE. Casual employees are eligible for nomination if they have been employed with the school for more than six months.

A panel of staff, parent and student representatives will undertake the selection process.

The Support Staff Excellence Awards for Performance and Service criteria are:

  • Customer service: Contributes to improvement in the quality of service to students, staff, departments, and/or the public;
  • Service projects: Undertakes significant projects which demonstrate creativity or progressive ideas;
  • Leadership: Demonstrates initiative and sets the pace in a supervisory or non-supervisory role;
  • Mentoring: Encourages and motivates other employees to improve their performance;
  • Self improvement: Initiates developmental activities to improve job knowledge or work performance;
  • Efficiency: Contributes ideas that result in savings of time and/or resources;
  • Problem solving: Demonstrates creative and innovative solutions to problems or challenges in the department; and/or
  • Teamwork: Contributes significantly in team approaches.

Nomination process

The Support Staff Awards Nomination Form will become available once nominations are open for 2020. This form should be used to nominate for the award. 

Completed nomination forms must be emailed to The submission deadline will be advised once nominations open.

Support Staff Excellence Awards Honour Board


Kathey Turner


Jennifer O' Sullivan and Kristin Walters


Lyndal Kirkwood and Denise McKay​


Jennie Cunning and Dave Sharp


Carol McTavish and Sue Speight​​


Tony Jongenburger and Jo Cannon

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Last updated 06 July 2020