Maths Team Challenge

On Wednesday 5 June, 30 State High students participated in the annual Maths Team Challenge organised by Ferny Grove State High School. The school has taken part in this competition for over 20 years. 

The competition runs in two rounds. First there is a team event, where the five students are given 10 questions, which need to be worked on together and answered within 45 minutes. The second part is a relay event, where students, in pairs, alternate to answer 20 questions within 50 minutes. The talent of our students astounded us with two of our six teams winning the competition in their year level, one team coming a very close second and our final three teams placing fifth, sixth and seventh in their respective year groups.

Year 7/8 Teams
  • Team 1 won the Year 7/8 competition with a score of 238/250. They won by an incredible margin of 32 points, out of a field of 24 teams. The team consisted of Year 7 students Mingxin Zhu and Ivan Chih and Year 8 students Trinh Tran, Ensu Choi and Roger Yu.
  • Team 2 came fifth and consisted of Year 7 students Yolanda Liang and Aryan Chandna and Year 8 students Emma Fensom, Srijit Mukherjee and Brandon Yang.
Maths Team Challenge - Year 7-8
Year 7/8 first place team (L-R) Mingxin Zhu, Ivan Chih, Roger Yu, Trinh Tran and Eunsu Choi

Year 9/10 Teams
  • Team 1 came second in their year category with a score of 219/250 – with one question separating first and second – out of a field of 27 teams. The team consisted of Year 9 students Vance Lam and Sam Meredith and Year 10 students Beyas Basu, Kinjal Dani and Wendi Hao.
  • Team 2 came seventh, and the team consisted of Year 9 students Amrita Sarkar and Yogesh Subramanian and Year 10 students Sonal Malik, Nicholas Chang and Darren Lang.
Maths Team Challenge - Year 9-10
Year 9/10 second place team (L-R) Sam Meredith, Kinjal Dani, Beyas Basu, Wendi Hao and Vance Lam

Year 11/12 Teams
  • Team 1 won the Year 11/12 competition with a score of 172/200, 16 points ahead of the second placed team, out of a field of 17 teams. The team consisted of Year 11 students Milind Bordia and Jin Leung and Year 12 students William Du, Ryan Gray and Dylan Ramke.
  • Team 2 placed fifth and consisted of Year 11 students Jennifer Mai, Priscilla Soo and Year 12 students Saul Rathbone-Boschis, E-Yong Lee and Timothy Li.

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Last reviewed 02 July 2020
Last updated 02 July 2020