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​​Scientia est Potestas (Knowledge is Power). We believe that the pursuit of knowledge equips and enables our students to make a powerful difference in the world. 


As a learning community, we are committed to developing young people to achieve their potential intellectually, personally and socially.

Intellectually, as:

  • life-long, curious learners
  • independent, creative thinkers.

Personally, as:

  • resilient, balanced individuals
  • confident, principled communicators.

Socially, as:

  • active, caring citizens
  • enthusiastic, contributing team members.


L​​​earning: we love knowledge, learning and curiosity.

Brisbane State High School is all about learning. We believe that all people can learn and improve.  Each individual has special qualities, interests and character to be developed. We provide learning experiences in all aspects of life. Young people will experience learning that is rigorous, future-focused, enterprising and transferable to the range of situations they will encounter. We believe that young people learn best when they have structure as well as space and time to foster creativity – time to think and grow. Our teaching is enriched through excellent relationships between learner and teacher which often inspire us to learn more. Learning should be inspirational, challenging and fun.

Excellence: we strive for world class standards and personal bests.

We are committed to personal excellence and expect each person to strive for their best while consistently working hard. We believe in setting high standards and providing quality support to help people reach those standards and experience success. The school provides an extensive range of high quality opportunities and experiences so our students maximise their potential. Excellence for students and teachers means they take charge of their own learning, are self-disciplined, work collaboratively and engage in rigorous feedback to remain at the cutting edge of their studies/profession. 

Respect: we earn respect for our integrity, humility and altruism.

Each person at State High is expected to act with respect towards others, themselves and to their school.  We expect staff, parents, students and supporters to act with a high level of personal integrity, modelling the best standards of personal behaviour.  We reflect on our achievements with both pride and humility, seeing our work in a balanced perspective.  We seek to help others unselfishly with a view that helping others is reward in itself.

Public education: we celebrate diversity as well as the things that bind us together.

Brisbane State High School proudly upholds the best of public education values; opportunities to excel regardless of personal circumstance. Public education is about universal excellence, access to education, being part of community and valuing diversity.  We believe that partnerships, starting with those in our local community, provide a network of support and bring richness to the school experience. We celebrate our diversity, recognising that we have much to learn from the wide range of experiences of the people in our school community. At the same time, we recognise that there is much that we all have in common and we harness the power of the things that bind us together to benefit others.


Schooling at State High is a happy and inspiring experience—a time and a place where every young person develops intellectually, personally and socially. Every student experiences rigorous learning, significant personal growth and the spirit that comes from belonging to something bigger than themselves.

Together, teachers, students and parents leverage the strong traditions and history of the school to pursue and create a positive future. Our priorities come from a strong ethical base and deep sense of commitment to others and our society. We understand our place and responsibility as a leading educational community and the flagship of public education in Queensland.

We are committed to working in partnership with our community as the natural place for students to explore their developing leadership and social commitment. At the same time, we look to prepare students to be successful across cultures and countries.

We are committed to personalising learning for each student to ensure that they maximise the opportunities this school provides. We all have a growth mindset. Our approach to teaching and learning is deliberate, backed by research and focussed on unlocking the potential in each of us.

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Last reviewed 20 January 2023
Last updated 20 January 2023