School Council


​​​​​​​​​​​​Brisbane State High School is an Independent Public School. We are a member of an elite group of Foundation Government schools which will be administrated by a School Council.


The School Council monitors the school's strategic direction, which includes:

  • approving plans and policies of the school of a strategic nature and other documents
  • affecting strategic matters, including the annual estimate of revenue and expenditure for the school
  • monitoring the implementation of plans, policies and other documents
  • advising the school's Executive Principal about strategic matters.

 The Council must have regard to the documents listed in Schedule 1 of the School Council Constitution in performing its functions.

Download the BSHS School Council Constitution (PDF, 95KB).


The Council must perform its functions in a way that achieves the best learning outcomes for the school's students.

The Council may only perform its functions in relation to the school for which it is established. The Council is not part of the Department of Education and Training, is not a body corporate and does not have a separate legal identity.

The Council may not:

  • interfere with the management by the school's Executive Principal of the day-to-day operations of the school and its curriculum; or
  • make operational decisions about the use of teaching or learning resources at the school; or
  • make decisions about the individual teaching style used, or to be used, at the school; or
  • make a decision that is contrary to law or a written policy of the department; or
  • have control of funds; or
  • enter into contracts; or
  • acquire, hold, dispose of or deal with property; or
  • sue or be sued.

Meeting dates​

In 2023, School Council Meetings will be held on the following dates:

Term 1    Tuesday 21 February
Term 2    Tuesday 16 May
Term 3    Tuesday 8 August
Term 4    Tuesday 31 October

Minutes of School Council meetings


The Council consists of student, staff, parent and community representatives. The Executive Principal and the Parents and Citizens Association President are automatic members of the Council.​

2023 School Council members

Dr Judy Smeed
Appointed Member
Deputy Chair​
​Mr David Gillespie
​Appointed Member
Ms Nancy Cole
Parent Member
Mr Bryce Corbett
Parent Member

Mr Ryan Johnson
Parent Member
​Ms Amanda Chamberlain
​Staff Member
​Non-Teaching Staff Representative
Ms Kimberly Rase

Staff Member
Teaching Staff Representative

Mr Sándor Harris​

Staff Member
Teaching Staff Member
Francis Lau
Student Member 
Danthila Jayasinghe
Student Member

Ms Melissa Buirchell
P&C President
Official Member
Mr Wade Haynes
Executive PrincipalOfficial Member


L-R: Ms Kimberly Rase, Mrs Jody Anning, Ms Amanda Chamberlain, Mr Bryce Corbett, Mr Wade Haynes, Danitha Jayasinghe, Ms Nancy Cole, Francis Lau, Mr Sándor Harris, Mr Ryan Johnson and Mr Barry Irwin (Observer)

Absent: Dr Judy Smeed and Mr David Gillespie

Executive Principal's statement

Our Council started its work at a time when education is starkly in focus across our country. Politicians, policy makers and the media are all having a say about what works and doesn't work in our education systems and in our schools. Our Council will need to navigate these issues with clear heads and a strong understanding of research, so that our direction is informed by the best available thinking.

At the same time, State High is working through significant change. The introduction of Junior Secondary, major building programs coincide with the increased flexibility of being an Independent Public School. We continue to work on our strategic plan goals and the three focus areas of the Improvement Plan: Improving Performance, Visible Learning and Positive Culture. We are looking to grow the work of the foundation, our alumni and community partnerships.

Wade Haynes
Executive Principal

ICSSSC Response from BSHS School Council & P&C

The following report is the School Council and P&C Association's joint response to the precinct selection report in relation to the Inner City South State Secondary College (ICSSSC).

Last reviewed 28 November 2023
Last updated 28 November 2023