Brisbane State High School was founded on 1 July 1921, following the amalgamation of the Central Technical College High School, the Brisbane Junior State High School and the High Top at Wynnum State School.  

Tuition commenced on 4 July 1921 in the buildings of the old Normal School on the corner of Adelaide and Edward Streets, Brisbane, with 490 students and 20 staff who worked using chalk, slates and quills in the classroom.

From the beginning, this site was unsuitable and construction soon began on a new school. 

​Since its inception in 1921, Brisbane State High School has come to symbolise and exemplify the excellence of state school education. Students are surrounded by possibility and opportunity in many diverse areas of academia, sport, culture, international experience and community responsibility. 

On 1 January 1925, the new academic year began in the Red Brick Building at the southern end of Musgrave Park in South Brisbane.

Foundation Principal, Mr Isaac Waddle, guided the school for the first 24 years and established many of its characteristics including the high academic reputation of the school.

In the decades since 1921, the school has grown dramatically, with a current population of over 3,400 students housed on two campus sites on Vulture and Merivale Streets.

In 2015, the school opened a third campus on Edmondstone Street to house our Year 7 students for the first year of Year 7 joining high school.  Following the completion of our state-of-the-art Kurilpa Building (I Block) on the Merivale Street Campus, our Year 7 student​s joined the rest of our students on the Merivale Street and Vulture Street Campuses and the Edmondstone Street site was reverted back into a carpark. ​

In 2021, the school commemorated its 100 ​year milestone, with cele​brations to continue into 2022. Please visit​ for more information about our Centenary celebrations.​


Each year, we hold a number of events that celebrate our students and staff and over the years, they have become traditions that our school community enjoys.​​

At the start of each year, we introduce our new Year 7 students to the ‘School Song’ and ‘The School War Cry’. In the first few weeks of school, these students practice these traditions so they’re ready to join in at various special events, assemblies and to show their support at our sporting and extra-curricular activities. See the school song and war cry lyrics.

Also in the first few weeks of school, we host a welcome night for students in all year levels and their families where they learn about the day-to-day procedures of the school and have the opportunity to meet with key personnel.

​Throughout the year, we hold a number of major special events:

  • Leadership & Learning Ceremony
  • ANZAC Day Ceremony
  • Foundation Day Assembly
  • Graduation Ceremony
  • Junior School Graduation Ceremony

Other annual school events we enjoy each year include:

  • Battle of the Sexes (swimming competition)
  • Interhouse Swimming Carnival
  • The Donnelly Dash
  • Year 7 Athletics Development Day 
  • Interhouse Cross Country
  • Year 11 Social
  • Bellas Bursary
  • Interhouse Athletics Field Events
  • Interhouse Athletics
  • MIFF (Music and International Food Festival)
  • Instrumental Music Farewell Supper and Concert
  • Year 12 Graduation Exhibition for The Arts
  • Senior Formal

Last reviewed 09 February 2022
Last updated 09 February 2022