​The school was one of the first to encourage this fine activity. Debating fosters self-confidence and requires participants to listen to others and to comprehend the validity of others' points of view. It encourages awareness of social issues. It is very much a team activity; indeed, one of its main benefits for students is in the team preparation of each topic, preparatory to the debating competition night. Students always value the social opportunities the interaction creates and make many friends with their team members and opponents from the other schools. Debates are held on a 'home and away' basis during the season. Families are asked to assist with student transport to and from debates for safety reasons.

The school participates in two competitions organised by the Greater Public Schools (GPS) on Friday nights, and the Queensland Debating Union (QDU) on Wednesday nights. The seasons are organised on slightly different timetables. State High is consistently successful in debating. However, above the importance of a win per se, is the importance of the fact that students learn to work together as a team, speak before an audience, articulate their case, listen to, comprehend, analyse and refute the opposing case, and at the end, shake hands with the opposition.   ​

Compulsory Registration and Consent

Parents are required to complete the online registration and consent for their child via the school website.

Please complete the online web form including each sport that your child may undertake for the year. The web form generates a school consent form which is to be completed, signed and placed in the tray on the counter in the Extra Curricular Office in room D101.

Team App for Coaches, Players and Parents

GPS Debating and QDU Debating are using a smartphone app as the main means of communication between coaching staff, players and parents.

Team App keeps member contact details private and no members can communicate with each other through the app.

To download, go to

  1. Sign-up using your name, date of birth and email address. You'll be sent an email to confirm your registration.
  2. Search for 'BSHS Debating' and request access to the group which applies to you.
  3. Once your request is approved, you will be able to see news and upcoming events on your device or by checking your emails.
  4. Please note that turning on push notifications on the app allows you not to miss important posts as they are made, however, this can be switched off at any time.


Debaters must pay an annual levy for bus transport to competitions outside Brisbane, equipment, administration costs, adjudicators, workshops, registration fees, trophies and coach recognition. All prior levies are required to be finalised before the season commences.


Return charter bus transport will be provide to The Southport School and Ipswich Grammar School. Parents may collect students from the venue. Transport to and from all other meets is the responsibility of parents.


Students are required to wear their formal school uniform to competitions.


GPS Debating is run entirely by volunteers. To help with set up, afternoon teas and coaching please contact the Master in Charge.

End of Season Presentation

An end of season presentation dinner is held for GPS Debating. Details regarding confirmed venue and ticket availability will be advised once the season begins. Tickets are sold at the B Block Finance Counter and must be purchased by the closing date to enable catering numbers to be finalised. Once ticket sales are closed, no further tickets will be available for purchase.

Last reviewed 15 November 2022
Last updated 15 November 2022