Apps and resource lists


​​​​Third party, web-based service providers

The use of web-based educational resources has risen steadily over the last decade and they are increasingly being used by teachers across Queensland to improve student learning outcomes.

At Brisbane State High School, we wish to utilise third party, web-based service providers to aid student learning. A full list of third party, web-based service providers currently in use is available via Third Party, Web-Based Service Providers (PDF, 119KB).

Parents/guardians provide consent relating to the list of providers included in the school's Digital Learning Expectations & Network User Policy (Form F), upon acceptance of an enrolment offer.  The school may add to the list of providers at any time, therefore, the list is kept up to date and available for review via the link above.

App list – 2022 coming soon

A number of apps have been deliberately selected to support learning at Brisbane State High School. The core learning apps are common across each year level. These apps must be downloaded as they are used each day and as part of the digital workflow in each lesson, or support students in their organisation and readiness to learn. Subject specific apps should be downloaded if the student is studying that subject. ​

Resource lists – 2021

Students are able to order their digital resources and hard copy texts (for English and some Languages) using the process below. Please note that any stationary items or hard copy texts can no longer be purchased. Digital resources can be purchased through this process and will be available in the OMX eBook Reader App once the digital resources have been linked to your students MIS account. ​

How do I place my order?

  1. ​Go to the Winc website - ​​

  1. Enter the Winc Access Key – 5QW5T

  2. Enter the student details (first and last name).

  3. Select the appropriate subjects.

  4. Peruse the resource list and make selections for each subject. 

  5. Include your student's Education Queensland MIS email ( underneath each digital resource you select from the resource list. This email is used to link the resources purchased to your child's OMX eBook Reader App. If you experience any issues entering the student email, ensure you do not add a space either before or after the email address.

  6. Enter payment details. 

A cost of $12.95 will apply for the delivery of hard copy texts for any orders made after 31 December 2021.

How do I access the digital resources?

Once you have placed your order with OfficeMax Winc, the digital resources can be accessed using the OMX eBook Reader App. Download the OMX eBook Reader from the App Store. Please ensure you have updated to the most recent version of the App on your device.

Students should log into the OMX eBook Reader App using their existing Education Queensland MIS email. Select 'Log in with Office365' and complete the log in process. All digital resources will be found in 'My Purchases' (eBooks) and 'My Interactive Logins' (publisher digital resources).

What if my child is new to the school and does not have an Education Queensland email address?

If your child does not have an Education Queensland MIS email, order your resources following the instructions above. Please leave the boxes beneath each digital resource blank. Do not use a private email address. Students will be provided with their Education Queensland MIS email address in Week 2 of Term 1. OfficeMax Winc will send you a reminder email that will provide a link to add the email address to your order at the end of Week 2, Term 1.

Resource lists for each year level

For any parent/guardian enquiries regarding the ordering process or resource lists, please call the Winc Customer Service team on 1800 004 427 (between 8:00am – 7:00pm AEST) or email

For any parent/guardian enquiries regarding the software support issues regarding the OMX eBook Reader App, please contact ReadCloud on (03) 90784833 (between 8:00am – 6:00pm AEST, Monday to Friday). ​

Last reviewed 11 October 2021
Last updated 11 October 2021