Duke of Edinburgh Award


The Duke of Edinburgh's Award (Duke of Ed) is an international, non-competitive program of personal achievement run by the Australian Award Office and coordinated by Brisbane State High School (BSHS). It is to be noted that the initiative to begin and complete this award must come from the participants.  BSHS role is to facilitate, but not to lead.

Duke of Ed gives people aged 14 to 25 a chance to try new things, learn new skills, explore new places and meet new friends, regardless of ability.

The award is recognised by government and many employers for its value in helping develop the personal abilities of young people. Students also receive points towards their Queensland Certificate of Education on completion of each award level.

There are weekly meetings for those interested or involved in the Duke of Edinburgh's Award at BSHS. Please see StudentNet for details of these meetings.


There are three levels within the award: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each level becomes progressively more challenging, and comprises four parts:

  • Physical Recreation—encouraging participation in physical activities and improvement in performance;
  • Skill—encouraging the discovery and development of personal interests;
  • Service—encouraging a heightened sense of awareness of responsibility to others;
  • Expedition—encouraging a spirit of adventure and discovery.

Many students already take part in one or more extra-curricular activities inside or outside the school. After joining the Award Scheme, these activities can also count towards achieving their goal.


Parents/guardians interested in volunteering can contact the Master in Charge (MiC).

More information

Visit the Duke of Edinburgh's Award website for more information. The section marked “Award Handbook" is a very good place to start investigations as to whether the award is suitable for you.

​​Process to Begin Duke of Ed at BSHS

If you wish to begin the Duke of Edinburgh Award at BSHS you need to take the following steps;

  • Create an account on the Online Record Book. (ORB) Your award centre is Brisbane State High School.
  • Inform the Extra Curricular Office that you wish to undertake the award and request an invoice. This invoice will consist of a one-off charge to be passed on to the Duke of Ed office by BSHS and an admin fee which will be charged annually for as long as you engage in the award. 
  • You then need to pay the invoice and forward your receipt to the MIC at BSHS together with a copy of the
  • You can now meet with the MIC and they will approve you on the ORB and you can begin the award.
  • Supervisors for your activities will then need to be chosen by you.  Staff at BSHS may be chosen but their role in the Award is purely voluntary and their assistance as supervisors should be sort with this in mind. You are encouraged and permitted to obtain supervisors who are outside BSHS. If you do this you will need to liaise with the EC office to process the paper work that enables them to be approved as working with BSHS in a volunteer capacity. Only after this paperwork is processed by BSHS can your supervisor be approved on the ORB and only then can you start logging hours for your activities.​

Contact the Master in Charge if you have any further questions or attend one of the weekly meetings that will be advertised on StudentNet.

Last reviewed 16 February 2023
Last updated 16 February 2023