Parents as Partners


At Brisbane State High School, we are deeply committed to our goal of personal excellence for all students and acknowledge the critical role parents and guardians play in contributing to their child's education and success.  We are pleased to design opportunities for our community to engage with leading educational and parenting experts. One of the great strengths of our school is the partnerships we develop.  We trust you enjoy the resources below which have been purposefully and specifically designed to support you and your child's learning. Parents as as Partners Twilight Sessions and resources are communicated to current State High families via email and school newsletters. 

Partnership Presentations

Dr Andrew Martin

Educational Psychologist, Australia

Dr Andrew Martin is a leading educational expert and specialises in student motivation, engagement and achievement, as well as gifted and talented, disengagement, educational buoyancy and adaptability, pedagogy, parenting, and teacher-student relationships.

'In Conversation' Series

Brisbane State High School is pleased to share with you our 'In Conversation' interviews with Dr Martin, which cover a range of insights for parents and guardians to help them support their child's learning.

Parents as Partners Twilight Session

Motivation, Engagement and Learning

On Monday 13 May 2019, Dr Andrew Martin presented at Brisbane State High School's 'Parents as Partners Twilight Session  Motivation, Engagement and Learning'. The session provided parents and guardians with tips and techniques to motivate and engage their child's learning progress and excellence.

Further reading: Lifelong Achievement Group website.

Dr Megan Sumeracki

Co-Founder, The Learning Scientists, USA

Dr Megan Sumeracki is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Rhode Island College, USA. Megan is co-founder of The Learning Scientists, where she aims to increase the use of effective study and learning strategies backed by research.

Parents as Partners Twilight Session

Effective Ways to Study and Learn

On Thursday 23 January 2020, Dr Megan Sumeracki presented at Brisbane State High School's 'Parents as Partners Twilight Session  Effective Ways to Study and Learn'. This session provided knowledge for parents and guardians to help their child study well at home.

Further reading:  The Learning Scientists website and Understanding How We Learn – A Visual Guide (via The Learning Scientists website).

Ms Linda Pitt

Development Executive K12, Apple Australia

Linda Pitt is the Development Executive for the Apple Education in Queensland and focuses on the effective use of iPad and Mac in learning environments. In previous roles, she was the Transformational Learning Manager for the Queensland Department of Education and Training and was charged with steering schools across the state towards transformational and contemporary learning practices.

Parents as Partners Twilight Session

iPad: New Ways to Think & Learn

On Monday 28 October 2019, Dr Linda Pitt, along with State High teachers and pedagogy coaches Mr Antonios Apergis and Mr Paul Kennard, presented the 'Parents as Partners Twilight Session  iPad: New Ways to Think and Learn'. Some resources discussed in the session can be accessed via the Apple support links below.

Last reviewed 01 September 2020
Last updated 01 September 2020