2023 Annual Magazine


​​​State High publishes an Annual Magazine that celebrates the year's achievements and highlights the school's activities; it is an archive of memories of the school year.

Purchasing a printed copy

Where can I purchase a printed copy?

Copies of the 2023 Annual Magazine can be purchased online at: link

What is the cost of the 2023 Annual Magazine?

The cost of one printed copy of the 2023 Annual Magazine will be as follows:

  • Orders placed from Thursday 5 October to Monday 11 December 2023, inclusive of these dates will cost $50.00 (including GST and delivery to addresses within Australia in early 2024)
  • Orders placed on and after Tuesday 12 December 2023 will cost $60.00 (including GST and delivery to addresses within Australia in early 2024)

Why does the cost of the magazine increase after a certain date?

Printed copies of the 2023 Annual Magazine are being offered through a print-on-demand process. The printer will require a short period of time to collect the bulk of initial orders and will then print these orders in one bulk print-run, which means the unit cost of the magazine is lower in comparison to the cost after the bulk order date.

After the deadline, the cost of the magazine will increase because individual copies of the magazine will be printed as they are ordered.

Who do I contact if I have an enquiry about purchasing or delivery of the magazine?

Please contact My Yearbook on 1300 412 910 for enquires about purchasing or delivery of the magazine.

Accessing the digital publication

When will the digital publication be available? 

The free digital version of the 2023 Annual Magazine will be published in early 2024. Further instructions on how to access the digital version will be made available once the magazine is published online​.

External linkOlder copies of the Annual Magazine

Where can older issues of the magazine be accessed from?

Digital copies of every State High Annual Magazine are available through the Digital School Magazine Collection on StudentNet (for current students and staff) and on State High Connect (for past students).​

  • Current students and staff can access and download past digital magazine copies as a PDF from StudentNet using the following steps:
    1. ​Login to StudentNet.
    2. ​In the top menu, click on Departments, then scroll down and click on Library.
    3. On the Library page, scroll down and click on Digital School Magazine Collection.
    4. Click on the cover of the magazine, which will load the publication in the StudentNet site.
    5. In the top right menu, click on Download to save the PDF to your device.
  • ​Past students can access and download the digital magazine as a PDF from State High Connect using the following steps:
    1. Login to or register via State High Connect External link.
    2. In the top menu, click on School Annual Magazines.
    3. Scroll through the timeline under the magazine reader and click on the magazine thumbnail.
    4. Click on the Download PDF link, which appears just above the magazine reader.
Printed copies can be viewed onsite at the following libraries:
  • The BSHS School Library (B Block on the Vulture Street Campus)
  • The State Library of Queensland (Cultural Precinct, Stanley Place, South Brisbane QLD 4101); request access to issues on Level 4 of the library. Further information about accessing copies at the State Library of Queensland can be found in the SLQ online catalogue External link.

Further information

Please email for enquiries about the 2023 Annual Magazine.

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Last reviewed 23 November 2023
Last updated 23 November 2023