Voluntary contribution


​​Each year, the Brisbane State High School P&C Association promotes a Voluntary Contribution Appeal to raise a proportion of the funds we give to the school to benefit the students.

With your ongoing support, these funds enable the P&C Association to provide valuable additional services to the school for the benefit of all students. Please consider making a contribution each year to this worthwhile appeal.

Each year the P&C Association urges parents to help toward the Voluntary Contribution Appeal. In recent years the amount received has declined significantly so it has become even more important to manage the funds with care.

Download the Voluntary Contribution Form (PDF, 467KB)​.

How funds are used

Some of the activities assisted by your voluntary contributions include:

  • funding the Student Personal Injury Insurance Scheme, which is not covered by Education Queensland
  • providing the Executive Principal with discretionary funding to assist disadvantaged families with school costs
  • providing additional funding to the Library to maintain and expand resources, such as online databases
  • funding student and teacher excellence awards
  • contributing to the cost of the school mini-bus and school vehicle for school excursions and sport commitments, keeping the cost of bus hire for excursions to a reasonable level for families.

Previous projects

In recent years, P&C Association funds have:

  • provided shade structures on the Vulture Street Campus
  • fitted out the Performing Arts Complex (PAC)
  • constructed the Vulture Street Canteen
  • relocated the Uniform Shop into a more convenient and spacious premises at the ground level of E Block.

These improvements benefit all students and families at State High.

Principles for using funds

These Principles show transparently how the funds are used and how decisions are made to use the funds:

  1. Funds are to be spent on items that benefit the whole school or a significant portion of the school community rather than a sectoral interest for which sub-committees exist. For example, the funds allocated to student injury insurance or student/teacher awards potentially benefit all students and families. Grey areas will be discussed and agreed by the P&C at meetings.
  2. The Funds are not to be used for operational expenses of the P&C.
  3. Where the funds are used to reimburse the school, the school must present an invoice or receipt clearly describing the purpose of the expenditure.
  4. Expenditure of the funds must be agreed by the Executive and the general P&C at a meeting. This applies even to recurrent expenses such as annual accident insurance premiums.
  5. The funds are to be kept in a separate, higher interest bearing, account to other general P&C operating accounts to avoid confusion with general operating cash flows.
  6. The annual account balance and ways funds have been spent during the year will be reported to the P&C each year.
  7. The balance of the fund may accumulate over years, or be reduced to zero as needs arise, but must be spent no later than 3 years from when they were originally collected.

The P&C Association thanks all the families and school community members who have supported the annual Voluntary Contribution Appeal.

Last reviewed 15 November 2022
Last updated 15 November 2022