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School-based Police Officer

Our School-based Police Officer works with the school community on a range of issues, such as:

  • identify and address local policing issues within the school community, using crime prevention initiatives and problem solving approaches
  • plan, prepare and deliver quality presentations, information and advice to students and protective adults (teachers, other school staff, parents and carers) to enhance safety and wellbeing and to contribute to an understanding of police and the law
  • provide the initial police response and recording of offences committed within the school and undertake minor investigations where appropriate.

 The School-based Police Officer is able to assist with presenting lectures to students, parents and the school community on topics including:

  • bullying, cyber bullying, sexting
  • internet safety
  • personal safety (protective behaviours)/sexual offences
  • safe partying
  • road safety
  • law topics
  • drugs/alcohol
  • domestic violence issues
  • any other issues related to crime prevention and awareness.

The School Based Police Officers contact details can be found under the Leadership and Management Team.

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