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School Chaplain

A chaplain provides support and pastoral care to the school community. The chaplaincy role involves walking with students through challenges, providing a listening ear and caring presence for young people facing challenges. With parental consent, the chaplain can also provide spiritual support like prayer, for people experiencing grief or loss. The chaplain plays a vital role within the holistic support team that is provided at Brisbane State High School.

Chaplaincy support can involve:

  • sitting with students who are feeling isolated at lunchtime
  • coordinating positive groups that encourage self-esteem and resilience
  • activities that foster friendship and community
  • having deep and meaningful conversations
  • empowering student involvement with social justice initiatives
  • praying with families facing challenges
  • linking students with positive holiday camps or connecting students to other support services at the school.

 Our chaplain coordinates and oversees a range of groups at the school including:

  • No Limits (promoting community and friendships)
  • Flourish (promoting healthy self-image)
  • Rock and Water (empowering students with resilience, focus, confidence and empathy)
  • Drumbeat (Promoting Resilience and Teamwork)
  • VGEN (World Vision Group promoting social justice initiatives)
  • Micah Volunteering (students volunteering to provide food to people experiencing homelessness)
  • free breakfasts.

Contact details for the School Chaplain are listed under the Leadership and Management Team. The chaplains' office is located in Lower B Block, B117.

The chaplaincy service at Brisbane State High School is supported by the community and does not receive government funding. For more information or to donate to this service, visit the South Brisbane Chaplaincy website.