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Career pathways

​The Beyond State High Program aims to provide all students with information and opportunities to help them make informed career decisions as they plan for their transition from State High to the next phase of their lives.

The program includes information sessions and events hosted by staff, external providers, and other guests on topics such as:

  • tertiary and Vocational Education and Training (VET) pathways
  • employment agencies
  • scholarship opportunities
  • international study links
  • study strategies and habits
  • personal enhancement and growth.

​Careers newsletter​​

The Beyond State High Careers Newsletter provides a wide range of information on career events, open days, expos and career planning.

​​Careers calendar​

The careers calendar ​(PDF, 381 KB)​ provides information and dates on ​career seminars and events happening throughout the year. ​​​​


Beyond State High asks students to think about their future career ideas, share their ideas with others and be prepared to engage in their chosen field following Year 12. We are not asking students to choose one career idea and stay with that for the rest of their lives; we are supporting students to create an informed action plan for what they wish to do next, what are they prepared to go and do following Year 12.

We want students to confidently go and be great ambassadors for Brisbane State High with the skills, knowledge and desire to positively interact with the world around them and continue to learn and grow from their experiences.

Program areas

The Beyond State High program centres on the three Cs - Curiosity, Collaboration and Connectedness.


  • Be curious of themselves and information/opportunities available
  • Discover what their strengths are
  • Question what areas need further development
  • Note what interests they have
  • Use positive habits and strategies they need
  • Be curious about their futures
  • Determine what they are going to strive for


  • Collaborate with staff and external providers
  • Develop their ability to interact with a range of information and people


  • Connect opportunities and try new things
  • Step out of their comfort zones
  • Engage in the opportunities offered throughout the school and community
  • 'Enrol' in the opportunities they wish to pursue Beyond State High

Career planning resources