Past Principals


1920 - 1945

Mr I Waddle

Mr Waddle spent a total of 24 years as Principal of Brisbane State High School. During the 'Waddle Years' the school emerged from humble beginnings as the first free, State Secondary School in Brisbane. Mr Waddle first retired in 1941 but was asked to return by the Minister of Education. He finally retired on 19 June 1945 at the age of 70.


1945 - 1946

Mr J. A. Barnes

After a number of years as both Assistant Headmaster and Headmaster in primary schools, Mr Barnes became Principal of Dalby school. He then spent 14 years at Cairns SHS followed by 6 years at Mackay SHS. He was appointed to State High in 1945 and died on 22 June, 1946 after barely a year in office.


1947 - 1951

Mr H. G. Watkin
BA DipEd

Mr Watkin came to State High having experienced a wide and varied career as an educator. This included teacher, lecturer, principal and District Inspector of schools. Following his position at Brisbane State High School he was appointed Administrative Head of the Education Department. He held this position for 13 years until his retirement.


1952 - 1957

Mr A. B. Copeman

Mr Copeman began as a pupil teacher in 1910 and by 1940 he became a District Inspector. He spent 7 years in this role and then became principal of State Commercial High followed by a period as Regional Director of Education in Central Queensland. He was appointed to Brisbane State High School on 15 June, 1951.


1958 - 1960

Mr F. H. R. Cafferky

Mr Cafferky began his career as a pupil teacher in 1916 and progressed to a principal of Wynnum State High School before being appointed as principal of Brisbane State High School.


1961 - 1971

Mr G. W. Lockie

Mr Lockie was both teacher and Principal at Brisbane State High School.  He was on the teaching staff between 1940 and 1953.  He started his teaching career at Virginia State School and was then transferred to Ascot Training School.  He was then transferred to the Brisbane State High School staff and one of his duties was to improve the sporting side of the school activities.  He was suited to this role as he had represented Queensland in both cricket and football. 

He was then transferred to Nambour State High as Acting Principal.  Mr Lockie was then given the responsibility of opening Salisbury State High School.  Following that he was Deputy Principal of the Ipswich State High School and Technical College. He was then appointed Principal of the State High School and Technical College at Mt Isa and Principal of Bundaberg State High School and Technical College.  He was Principal of Brisbane State High School for 11 years.


1972 - 1981

Mr R. F. Fitzgerald

Mr Fitzgerald had the unique distinction of being the first past student of the school to be appointed as its Principal.  He attended the school in the early thirties. 

He began his teaching career in Queensland primary schools. His teaching career was interrupted by the war, during which he served in New Guinea as an officer in the Royal Australian Artillery.  In 1953, Mr Fitzgerald taught at Bundaberg under Mr Lockie, who was later to become Principal of Brisbane State High School.  He also served as Deputy pPincipal in Carins and then as Principal at Toowong, Bremer and Hendra. He was appointed to State High in 1972, a position he held until his retirement.


1981 - 1997

Mr C. R. Mason

Mr Mason started his teaching career at Maryborough.  He lectured for a year at Queensland Institute of Technology.  He was appointed Science Subject Master of Maryborough Boys’ and Girls’ High and was promoted to Deputy Principal of Murgon State High.  He served in a similar capacity at Hendra State High where Mr Fitzgerald was his Principal. In 1971 he became Principal of Atherton State high School and then Principal of Cavendish Road State High School. He was Principal of Brisbane State High School for 17 years.


1998 - 2008

Mr D. F. Sutton
BA BEd CertTeach

Mr Sutton started his teaching career as a Primary Teacher at Virginia SS. He transferred to secondary school after 18 months as a primary teacher. His first posting was at Hendra SHS, followed by a number of other schools both in Brisbane and in the country. On the way he was promoted to English Subject Master, Deputy Principal, and finally Principal. He has never regretted the decision he made one afternoon in Grade 6, that he wanted to be a teacher when he grew up. He was Principal of Brisbane State High School for 11 years.


2009 - 2010

Mr R. Morrison

Mr Morrison worked for Education Queensland for his entire career.  Prior to his appointment as Principal in 2009, he was Principal at Centenary and Balmoral State High Schools and a Deputy Principal, Head of Department and teacher of Physical Education in a further five schools.  He was Principal of Brisbane State High School for two years.