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​​Whole of school policies

Learning Policy

The Learnin​g Policy (PDF, 705​ KB)​ reflects our core​ values. We are committed to personal excellence and expect individuals to strive for their best.

Enrolment Management Plan

The Enrolment Management Plan sets out the conditions under which students may be enrolled into Brisbane State High School (BSHS). The Plan ensures in-catchment students can enrol at their local state school.

User Pays Scheme Policy – Subject Fees and Other Levies

The school operates a fee for service program through a User Pays Scheme. The User Pays Scheme Policy – Subject Fees and Other Levies (PDF, 645 KB) outlines the mandatory subject fees and other levies which are essential to support the delivery of education for students who attend Brisbane State High School.  

Putting Things Right

Putting Things Right (PDF, 123 KB) showcases our commitment to providing a quality complaints management service.

Reference Policy

The Reference Policy (PDF, 233 KB) provides students with information on how to write reference lists, including examples of the correct referencing format.

Responsible Behaviour Plan

The Responsible Behaviour Plan (PDF, 295 KB) outlines our system for facilitating positive behaviours and responding to inappropriate and unacceptable conduct.

Sun Safety Policy

The Sun Safety Policy (PDF, 122 KB) ​guides State High on how to protect our students from the harmful effects of the sun. This policy should be read in conjunction with Education Queensland's procedure.​

Uniform Policy

The Uniform Policy (PDF, 278 KB) outlines school dress standards and expectations as determined by the Executive Principal and representatives of the school community.

Uniform Purchasing Policy

The Uniform Purchasing Policy (PDF, 183 KB) is for any staff member involved in an activity in which apparel purchase, design or supply might be relevant at Brisbane State High School.

Senior students policies

Senior School Studies Policy

The Senior School Studies Policy, Year 11 2016 to 2018 (PDF, 115 KB) has been developed to ensure students are successful in their senior years at BSHS. It has been designed so that students and parents understand the academic requirements of students, including the prerequisites that need to be met for progression into Year 11.

For students who will be commencing Year 11 in 2019, please refer to this version of the Senior School Studies Policy, Year 11 2019 (PDF, 125 KB).

Variable Progression Policy

The Variable Progression Policy (PDF, 113 KB) enables senior students, in exceptional circumstances, to undertake Years 11 and 12 over three years.

Variation to Six Subjects Policy

The Variation ​to Six Subjects Policy (PDF, 83 KB) recognises that there are 2 categories under which students in Years 11 and 12 can seek variation to their usual study requirements (normally 6 subjects over the final 2 years of high school).