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About State High

​​​​Brisbane State High School has come to symbolise and exemplify the excellence of state school education.

We are proud of the great number of past students who have contributed to their state and country through their achievements at the highest levels in public life, sport, business and the community. We are just as proud of those past students whose lives have been lived on a more modest scale, but who, through the decency, ethics and commitment that their school helped to develop, have served their community just as well. Our present students continue this tradition.

The school opened in July 1921 in the Normal School on the corner of Adelaide and Edward S​treets and moved to the present site in 1925. Since then, efficient use of the available area, purchase of adjacent properties and judicious development of facilities on the site have resulted in a well-appointed school, which caters for over 3,300 students.

School Motto

Scientia est potestas (Knowledge is power)

We believe that the pursuit of knowledge equips and enables our students to make a powerful difference in the world. ​ 

The school motto was devised by Mr Isaac Waddle, the first Principal of Brisbane State High School (1920–1945).

School Crest

Brisbane State High School logo, Scientia est Potestas 







School Video

Watch our school video (MP4, 177 MB) below.