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State education fees

​​​At State High, we offer an excellent educational environment and provide many opportunities to all students. State schools do not charge instruction, facilities and administration costs, however, some fees are essential to support the delivery of education.

At State High, these fees include:

  • subject fees
  • general levy
  • extra-curricular activities
  • other levies and fees.

Textbooks also incur an expense, however a state government allowance offsets some of this cost.

The P&C Association reviews and approves the fees each year.

Contact us for more information about school fees.


Financial statements are sent home each term, usually in Week 4:

  • Students in Year 7 to 9 receive 2 invoices per year
  • Students in Year 10 to 12 receive only 1 invoice per year.

Fees for Senior students undertaking Certificate level courses are also included in the subject fees.


You can pay all fees and levies by:

  • paying at the B Block Finance Counter
  • setting up a Centrelink direct debit
  • making a direct deposit into the school’s bank account
  • returning the forms attached to the financial statement and either email to or fax 3291 4100
  • phoning the school on 3291 4106 to pay by credit card.

Payment plans

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, please contact the school early in the year to set up a payment plan, which allows you to pay fees gradually.

By contacting us early, you can ensure your child’s extra-curricular and recreational activities are managed responsibly.


State High does not operate a textbook hire scheme—guardians will need to buy textbooks and Apps.

Textbook and Resource Allowance

The Queensland Government provides a Textbook and Resource Allowance to guardians of eligible students to offset the costs of education. The allowance is paid to the school. The school then pays the allowance to its eligible families on behalf of the department.

The allowance varies annually. In 2018 the allowance is:

  • $125 for Year 7 to 10 students
  • $271​ for Year 11 and 12 students.

If there are changes to the allowance, we will tell you in the first newsletter of the year.


Most students are eligible to receive this allowance once a year for 6 years.

Students are not eligible if they:

  • are enrolled as International Students 
  • are enrolled in a Centre for Continuing Secondary Education (CCSE) 
  • are undertaking part time distance education from a non-state school accredited for distance education 
  • are enrolled after the first Friday in August.​

Receiving the allowance

Guardians can choose to have the full value of the Textbook Allowance:

  • credited on the first invoice of the school year
  • paid to them via EFT.

When you enrol your child, you will be asked for your preferred option.

Summary of fees

This table provides a guide to school fees.

Summary of school fees


Cost for 2018


Subject fees

$15 to $650

All students

General levy


All students

School magazine


Anyone who buys the magazine

Year 11 Social

To be decided​

Year 11 students attending the social

Year 12 Formal

To be decided​

Year 12 students attending the formal

Extra-curricular activities

$20 to $400​


Usually optional and
varies from activity to activity

​For more information on our fees, please view the Finance Matters communication (PDF, 133 KB)

Subject fees

Subject fees cover the cost of excursions and activities associated with the subject.

The 2018 subject fees for Junior and Senior students is available to download below:

When you enrol, you will be asked to sign a form indicating that you understand the school applies fees for the subjects taken.

General levy

The general levy includes:

  • entry fees to sporting carnivals—swimming and athletics
  • student diary
  • identification (ID) card
  • group photos for the school magazine
  • career guides
  • affiliation fees to:
    • The Great Public Schools' (GPS) Association of Qld Inc​
    • Queensland Girls' Secondary Schools Sports Association (QGSSSA )
    • Brisbane Schoolgirls' Rowing Association (BSRA)
    • Metropolitan East School Sport (MESS)
  • excursions for whole school activities such as our School Leaders' Induction Ceremony, Award Ceremonies, and the Year 12 Graduation.

Extra-curricular activities

The school offers many extra-curricular activities. They include performing and visual arts, chess, debating and sporting activities.

Students participating in extra-curricular activities must pay additional costs.

Costs include:

  • equipment
  • buses
  • uniforms
  • coaches'/instructors' shirts
  • operating expenses (photocopying, repair costs)
  • gifts for volunteer coaches and instructors.

Guardians can find out about these costs at the information sessions provided by the Master in Charge (MiC) of the activities.

View the extra-curricular activities section for more information.

Other levies and fees

Levies for GPS or QGSSSA extra-curricular activities

Levies are set by the MiCs, the school’s Finance Manager, and where appropriate, a P&C representative. These should be paid before starting any activity. If this is not possible, the latest date for payment is by Week 3.

​BYOD program​

​This fee​ provides resources and assistance over and above what the State Government provides to schools.​

School magazine

The annual school magazine provides a record of the year’s school life and is greatly valued by past and present students.

Year 11 Social and Year 12 Formal

Costs for the Year 11 Social and Year 12 Formal are determined by the venues. The cost covers venue hire, decorations, security, and catering.