State High Family SPIRIT Challenges: Academic

State High Family SPIRIT Challenges - Academic 

In Week 6, Term 2, State High launched the first of our State High Family SPIRIT Challenges, which provide students with opportunities to show their spirit and earn a special 2020-only Pocket.

In the Academic Challenges zone, students were invited to submit responses to a range of activities including writing a 50-word short story or a poem, folding a 'Marvellous Maths Lamp' and building the State High Griffin with LEGO.

Check out some of our students' submissions below.

50-Word Short Story: Life Lessons

Task: write bite-sized fiction by using exactly 50 words to share a life lesson.

Think Before Speaking

By Kym Eng (Junior School Leader)

One day, a man asked a woman, "Can you swim?"
The woman replied, "Umm, no."
The man exclaimed, "Ha, you're worse than a dog."
She asked, "Well, can you swim?"
At once he retorted, "Of course I can!"
She responded, "Then what is the difference between you and a dog?"

50-Word Short Story: Life Lessons

By Chelsea Clifford (Junior School Leader)

They came to two paths. Tufts of grass grew on the edges, but they were very clearly separated by thick trees.
She took the left path, and then he followed.
She turned and stopped when she noticed he was behind her.
"What are you doing? We walk our own paths."

Fold a Marvellous Maths Lamp

Task: watch a video tutorial and make your own version of a maths lamp.

Marvellous Maths Lamp by Yolanda Liang (Year 8)

LEGO Griffin

Task: Build our school mascot using LEGO. Creative control is 100% in your hands. 2D, 3D… the opportunities are endless!

LEGO Griffin

LEGO Griffin by Sophie Ryder (2020 Spirit Leader)

Write a Poem

Task: write a poem about something that brings you joy.


By a Year 7 student

Painted with meaningful words,
Books tell a story,
They bring a character to life,
And take me on a roller coaster of adventures.
Inside I venture,
I've left my chair,
No one can find me,
Lost inside a world created by imagination.
I've fought a dragon, and captured its treasure
I've ridden a broom, and became a witch
I've learnt to fly, and soared with an eagle
And I've climbed so high, I touched the moon.
Sharing the bounty after the quest,
Finding the key to the forbidden door,
Saving the princess from her evil stepmother,
I close the book and return home.


By Nishita Rahman (Junior School Captain - Public Education Team)

Nishita said, "This poem is about northern lights. Their wonder and light brings me joy, and so I dedicated this poem to its natural beauty in the darkness of the night."

When darkness devoirs the sky,
Ribbons of colour begin to fly.
Suddenly you're wrapped in a whirl of wonder,
And dancing lights begin to swirl and sunder.

At first, it appeared dark and untied,
Then, its true beauty was unleashed from inside.
It flowed in streaks on the dark canvas,
And it's spreading wide as it dances.

The lights were bursting with colour and vibrance,
As they acted as my glorified guidance.
Who knew that darkness may hold dreams within,
All hidden under its skin.

Light and dark are in a never-ending loop,
And yet they are in the same group.
They are balanced sides of each other,
From the same tree, like sister and brother.

And so, the mesmerising view was gone again,
As if those lights were somehow slain.
I had claiming reassurance of their return,
In hopes that one more day the lights would burn.

Poem submission by Nishita Rahman (Junior School Captain - Public Education Team)

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