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What will you be doing on your holidays? It's almost impossible to think about what a holiday will look like without engaging with some form of arts. You'll watch a movie or a show; you'll scroll through images on social media; you'll listen to music; you might even go to the cinema or a gallery. You'll talk about these things to your friends. You'll share experiences.  

It's almost impossible to think about what adds value to our lives, or brings joy to what we do, without thinking of an art.  

Without contribution to, participation in, or appreciation of the arts, our society will function, but that's all it is. A functioning society. There is no fulfilment. No beauty. No happiness. Nothing to fill our dreams or inspire us. We would have no culture, no civilisation. Archaeologists far into the future won't have anything to dig up that tells them about our values, our stories, our hopes or dreams. It's arts – culture – human creativity – that make civilisations richer, lasting, connected, and eternal. We need humans skilled in arts learning to build what actually matters – a world worth living in.  

So, at CREATE this year we celebrate the importance of learning in the Arts. 2022 has been one of the most creative years in State High's history, and CREATE this year comes off the back of our magnificent Centenary celebration, 'Timeless' at QPAC. Many of the students whose work you see were part of the development and performance of this show, leveraging the skills and learnings they have developed in the arts. You'll see student choreography created by students who choreographed works for 'Timeless'. You'll see music ensembles made of classroom music students who created the sound of the show. And you'll see moving-image media work by the students who contributed to the look of the show – the AV. But you'll also see other facets of these talented students you might have seen on the stage – they're drama students, dance students, music students, visual art students, film or media arts students. They connect, and they contribute.  

What you see in CREATE's online galleries shares the learning of our students across the semester. But this event owes itself to the voluntary contributions of the Arts staff, who have built online galleries, installed works, and curated performances whilst continuing to teach, mark and report. To them I say THANK YOU: you make the arts future bright. 

On behalf of the Arts at State High, welcome to CREATE 2022!​ 

By proceeding and engaging with student work in these online galleries, you agree that you are doing so for the purposes of viewing during the period of CREATE only, and that you will not make any reproductions or copies in any form, for any purpose.​ 

Ms Aimee Gust (Head of Arts Department)

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Last reviewed 22 June 2022
Last updated 22 June 2022