Boys' Uniform

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School Uniform: Boys
Students must be in their school uniform at all times unless indicated otherwise.

Brisbane State High School dress standards reflect the community expectations and standards as determined by the Principal in consultation with school community representatives. Students will be given choices which ensure equity, comfort and full participation in school activities.

  • Shirt:
    • Blue BSHS shirt with collar and monogrammed pocket. This shirt is not worn with a tie.
  • White Shirt:
    • Long sleeved, worn with school tie on formal occasions or by year 12 students.
  • Trousers:
    • College grey, tailored style worn with plain black belt and grey socks.
  • Shorts:
    • College grey, tailored style worn with plain black belt and long grey socks with school stripes.
  • Belt:
    • Black with plain buckle.
  • Hat:
    • Standard grey felt hat with school hat band.
  • Blazer:
    • (Optional) Regulation navy and red striped. (Honour pocket only with the written authority of the school).
  • Pullover:
    • Grey with contrasting stripes.
  • Shoes:
    • Black lace up leather standard school shoes.
  • Sports Uniform:
    • Maroon polo shirt, navy collar and embroidered school shield. Regulation navy unisex shorts. White sports socks or school sports socks.
  • Sports Hat:
    • Broad brimmed with school logo.
  • Joggers:
    • Lace up only. Note: Black soled footwear is not permitted on flexi-paved surfaces.
  • tracksuit:
    • (Optional) Unisex school design.
  • Scarf:
    • (Optional) Unisex school design.
  • Tie:
    • Navy/maroon stripe.
  • Formal/Special Occasions:
    • Long sleeved white shirt to be worn with school tie and school trousers or school shorts. Sleeves are not to be rolled up. Top button is to be fastened and tie is to be secured at the neck.