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Monday Afternoon Enrichment Program

At Brisbane State High School, we are committed to developing young people to achieve their potential intellectually, personally and socially. We love learning, knowledge and curiosity and we encourage students to engage in our Monday Afternoon Enrichment Program.

The purpose of the program is to:

  • Trigger curiosity while maintaining students' love of learning through further engagement, challenge and quality offerings
  • Nurture activities beyond the classroom through specialist activities, mentor activities, tutorials and collaboration with outside agencies
  • Cater to diversity through multiple offerings specifically targeted at fostering rich learning experiences
  • Encourage experimental inquiry, innovation, entrepreneurial and thinking skills
  • Promote and enhance global citizenship
  • Provide a connection to the real world, industry, school and local community
  • Support students in working collaboratively alongside their peers and to become self-regulated learners
  • Foster the individual needs of our learners through offerings which lie outside the curriculum challenging and supporting students personally, socially and emotionally

Each term, we offer different learning experiences for students to engage in through external providers. During Term 3, students will engage in the following programs:  

1.      Renewable Energy with The University of Queensland

       Climate action has become a priority for young Australians. What is the role of energy in this challenge? Australia is at the forefront of the global transition to renewable energy which comes with tremendous challenges and boundless opportunities to develop an energy system we, as citizens, want. What can we do as concerned students and citizens? What do we want our future energy system to look like?

2.      Study Skills with Elevate Education

These high impact workshops help students improve their study techniques, increase motivation, build confidence and lift exam performance. Students will develop skills in time management, dynamic reading, note taking, conceptual and independent learning and memory mnemonics.

3.      Mathematics Workshops with The University of Queensland

       How did Google become one of the most popular search engines in the world? How do we use arithmetic to prevent errors when we communicate over the web? What are the mathematics that underpin a fun and commercially successful card game? Students will engage in hands-on activities that demonstrate the many ways we benefit from mathematics as we go about our daily business. Together, we will see how old and abstract ideas in pure mathematics are used in simple and clever ways to make the modern world work.

4.      Japanese with the Institute of Modern Languages

The purpose of this program is to enhance the school's curriculum by offering students the opportunity to work with students in differing year levels on topics associated with the Senior syllabus. The activities will be multi-level for students to access the resources at a level suited to their language development. The activities will be designed to increase the students' proficiency in Speaking and Listening while also providing resources for further study in Reading and Writing.

5.      Dance with Footsteps

Designed for students with no previous dance training, this course provides a taste of a wide range of dance styles including Hip Hop, South African, Brazilian, Bollywood, Commercial Pop, Bhangra, Dance Hall and Disco. If you enjoy being creative, active, socialising and moving to music then this program is for you. Join us in celebrating the wonder of dance!

6.      Yoga and Wellbeing with The Wonky Om

The program will help you learn to hear (and listen) to the warrior inside of you through practical yoga movements that can relieve stress and cultivate self-study so you can uncover your internal strengths and be done with self-limiting dialogue.

7.      Peers for Academic Success

Peer mentoring and supporting students in essential English skills in the State High community.

Students assist with method in the question and writing up maths and science reports and assessments. They offer a course on Academic Integrity and mentor students on transitioning to through Senior School. An emphasis is placed in independent learning, study skills and time management.

8.      Religious Instruction

The program explores questions about life and faith within different streams of faith.

Streams of faith available:

  • Christian – Catholic
  • Christian – Interchurch (Anglican, Baptist, Church of Christ, Lutheran, Methodist, Pentecostal, Uniting, Presbyterian)
  • Buddhist

Forms and detailed information regarding these opportunities have been emailed to students and families.

Registrations for Term 3 are now closed. Term 4 programs will be sent to families towards the end of Term 3.

For queries regarding the Monday Afternoon Enrichment Program, please contact Mrs Rebecca Johnson, Head of Partnerships and Transitions –