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Monday Afternoon Enrichment Program

At Brisbane State High School, we are committed to developing young people to achieve their potential intellectually, personally and socially. We love learning, knowledge and curiosity and would like to invite students to engage in a Monday Afternoon Enrichment Program. 

The purpose of the program is to:

  • Trigger curiosity while maintaining students' love of learning through further engagement, challenge and quality offerings.
  • Nurture activities beyond the classroom through specialist activities, mentor activities, tutorials and collaboration with outside agencies.
  • Cater to diversity through multiple offerings specifically targeted at fostering rich learning experiences.
  • Encourage experimental inquiry, innovation, entrepreneurial and thinking skills.
  • Promote and enhance global citizenship.
  • Provide a connection to the real world, industry, school and local community.
  • Support students in working collaboratively alongside their peers and to become self-regulated learners.
  • Foster the individual needs of our learners through offerings which lie outside the curriculum, challenging and supporting students personally, socially and emotionally.

Program Details

Each term, we offer different learning experiences in which students can engage through external providers. The places in these programs are limited and there is a small fee to participate in some programs.

Term 2, 2020

We are fortunate that two of our planned Monday Afternoon Enrichment Programs have the capacity to offer online workshops this term. Details of these programs and how to register can be found via the link below. In addition to these programs, you will find links to a range of online workshops that parents and guardians can investigate and select so their children can participate from home.

Details of our Term 2 programs and how to register have been sent to parents and guardians via email. These details can also be found below. 

Given the current remote learning arrangements for many of our students, we will offer the remainder of our planned face-to-face programs to students later in the year.

If you have any questions in relation to the Monday Afternoon Enrichment Program, please contact Ms Rebecca Johnson, Head of Partnerships & Transitions, via email –