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P&C Association

​​​​​​​​The Brisbane State High School Parents and Citizens (P&C) Association encourages closer co-operation between the school, parents and the wider community. P&C Association members work with the Executive Principal and school staff on behalf of the students’ families to foster an interest amongst the parents in educational matters as well as fundraising to provide financial resources for the school.

Core functions of the P&C Association:

  • supporting the various sub-committees; 
  • operating the canteens and Uniform Shop (see next section for payment details); and
  • assist with fundraising.

Download the P&C Association Constitution (PDF, 414 KB) .

Contact the P&C Association.

Nominations are Now Closed for Parent Elected Rep for School Council

Nominations for School Council parent representative positions are now closed. Vo​ting for nominees will be via secret ballot and will occur on Monday 29 October during the P&C General Meeting from 7:00pm. Further information regarding each nominee can be found below.  Voting forms will be available at the General Meeting and the process will be explained at the meeting commencement. P&C Meetings are held in the PAC foyer, P Block, with entry via Merivale St, M4 gate. All parents, guardians and school community members are welcome to vote.

Further information on the role of School Council can be found here -

​View the list of Parent Elected Representative bios here -

2018 School Council Parent Rep Nominee biographical information.pdf

Payment at Canteens and Uniform Shop

Payment at our Canteens and Uniform Shop is only available using the Student ID Card with a linked account via My Student Account.

Read the My Student Account procedure (PDF, 500 KB) for information on how to link your child’s Student ID Card to pre-load funds. This email explains the benefits of the cashless system (PDF, 776 KB).


The P&C Association meets at 7:00pm on the fourth Monday of each month (except during school holidays/public holidays) in the PAC Foyer, on the Merivale Street Campus. Parking is available via entry on Merivale Street.  All members of the school community are welcome to attend.

        2018 meeting dates:

  • Monday 26 February (AGM at 6:00pm followed by General Meeting at 7:00pm)
  • Monday 26 March
  • Monday 23 April
  • Monday 28 May
  • Monday 25 June (Please note: Parents are attending CREATE instead of this P&C Meeting)
  • Monday 23 July
  • Monday 27 August
  • Monday 29 October (Presentation of Strategic Plan at 6:30pm followed by the General Meeting at 7:00pm)​
  • Monday 26 November

Become a Member

The P&C Membership Form (PDF 372 KB) and Executive Committ ee Nomination Form 2018 (PDF 229 KB)


The P&C Association operates a number of sub-committees associated with sporting and cultural extra-curricular activities. They report to the P&C Association and consist of parents and teachers who are involved in the organisation and fundraising for those activities.

All parents are encouraged to attend sub-committee meetings relevant to the activities in which their child participates. Not only do parents get to meet the teachers involved, but they also find out what is happening first-hand.

Active sub-committees

The below sub-committees are currently active: 
  • Athletics XC
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Dance
  • Football
  • Music
  • Rowing
  • Rugby
  • Swimming/Water Polo

ICSSSC Response from BSHS P&C and School Council

The following report is the P&C Association and School Council's joint response to the precinct selection report in relation to the Inner City South State Secondary College (ICSSSC). 

Student personal insurance cover

The P&C Association has arranged insurance cover for all students. This cover offers students the protection of personal accident insurance while at school or undertaking school authorised activities, including during sporting activities and school excursions.

Voluntary Contribution Appeal

The P&C Association promotes a Voluntary Contribution Appeal to raise a proportion of the funds we give to the school, which benefits all students. Parents are asked to consider making a contribution each year to this worthwhile appeal.​​


A volunteer is an individual who works without payment and acts under the direction and supervision of the school. All volunteers are required to complete an induction the first time they visit any department site and mandatory training annually. 

Part of the induction for volunteers includes the requirement to review the Key Message Guide​ and complete the Declaration page. The Key Message Guide ​covers important information regarding responsibilities volunteers will have while on departmental sites.​​ Check with the supervisor or manager at the location you are volunteering at for guidance and the information you need to be aware of while working at their department. 


  • ​​Access the Key Message Guide.​
  • Review the information.​
  • Complete the Declaration section on the last page of the guide.
  • The supervisor or manager of the location you are volunteering at will verify the completed Declaration and finalise the  Record of Completion with a signature and date.
  • Retain the verified​ Record of Completion section. It will be recognised in other Queensland State Schools or departmental sites for 12 months. 

Key Message Guide Fillable Form ​​