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District and Regional Trials

District and Regional trial information will be posted on this page as soon as it becomes available. Students will also be notified via the school daily student notices when nominations are open and when information can be collected from the Extra-Curricular Office in Room D101.

Students wishing to attend District or Regional trials must be of a suitable standard. Restrictions apply in some sports to ensure the trialling process does not become unmanageable.

Funding pathways for students who have qualified for District and Regional competitions are available, dependent on eligibility criteria. Funding links are listed below.

Upcoming Sports

SportDistrict/RegionTrial Date

Cricket, 10 - 12 Years Boys

Mount Gravatt District

Monday 6 August - Wednesday 8 August 

Cricket, 10 - 12 Years Boys

Mount Gravatt District

Tuesday 17 July - Wednesday 18 July 

Cricket, 13 - 14 Years Boys

Composite District

Thursday 13 September 

Cricket, 13 - 14 Years Girls

Composite District

Tuesday 14 August 

Futsal, 13  Years Boys

Composite District

Wednesday 12 September 

Futsal, 13  Years Girls

Metropolitan East

Friday 19 October 2

Golf, 10 - 12 Years Boys & Girls

Mount Gravatt District

Via Committee

Track & Field, 10 - 12 Years Boys & Girls

Mount Gravatt District

Monday 13 August -

Tuesday 14 August 

Track & Field, 13 - 19 Years Boys

Metropolitan East

Thursday 6 September -  Friday 7 September 

Track & Field, 13 - 19 Years Girls

Metropolitan East

Thursday 6 September - Friday 7 September 

Student consent forms

Students must collect consent forms and trial information from the D Block Extra-Curricular Office. Students will not be eligible to attend trials without the correct paperwork.

It is the student’s responsibility to collect this information.

Mt Gravatt District - 12 year old students only.

Composite District - 13 - 18 year old students. 

Athlete Funding Assistance

​The Local Sporting Champions Program

This is an Australian Government initiative designed to provide financial assistance for young sportsmen and sportswomen aged 12-18.

    • Available to athletes, coaches, umpires and referees.
    • Must complete and submit application prior to the nominated championship commencing.
    • Funding of up to $500.


The Young Athletes Travel Subsidy

This Subsidy provides financial assistance through three event tiers and supports attendance by athletes and officials up to 18 years old at specific state, national and international events.

Funding provided:

    • International     $600
    • National            $400
    • State                  $200

Young people must travel at least 250km to attend the championship event, with applications only accepted after attending the event. Young people may apply for each tier once in every two calendar years.  


Logan City Council Sports Development Program – Travel Assistance Grant

May provide up to $700 per athlete.


Ipswich City Council Sport Excellence Bursary

May provide up to $300 per athlete.


Aspirations 4 Kids in Sport 

Any Queensland School Principal can apply on behalf of a student aged between 10 – 19 who satisfy the following criteria:

    • High attendance levels at any Queensland school
    • Participation in many facets of school life
    • Productive members of society
    • Proud of your school as much as your personal performances
    • Assistance must be used to attend a school sporting event
    • Available funding dependent on participation costs.