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District and Regional Trials

Students will be notified via StudentNet when nominations are open and when information can be collected from the Extra-Curricular Office in Room D101. State High competes in the Metropolitan East region. The Metropolitan East website provides information relating to all Metropolitan East competitions.

Students wishing to attend District or Regional trials must be of a suitable standard. Restrictions apply in some sports to ensure the trialling process does not become unmanageable.

Student Consent Forms

Students must collect consent forms and trial information from the D Block Extra-Curricular Office (D101). Students will not be eligible to attend trials without the correct paperwork.

It is the student’s responsibility to collect this information.

Mt Gravatt District - 12 year old students only.

Composite District - 13 - 18 year old students. 

Athlete Funding Assistance

​Funding pathways for students who have qualified for District and Regional competitions are available, dependent on eligibility criteria. For more information on financial assistance available for students involved in sport, please visit the Metropolitan East website.