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Religious instruction

​'Explore Faith' is our optional religious instruction program, with parent/guardian consent, which occurs every Monday from 2.30pm to 3.00pm.

The program is coordinated by our School Chaplain.

Religious instruction options

These are the options currently offered​. While other streams have been offered in past years, no accredited volunteers from these streams have approached the school to teach RI this year.

All of the lessons​ are conducted by authorised volunteers who hold Blue Cards.

For further information, download the Multi-Faiths Religious Instruction Brochure (PDF, 2.75 MB).

Buddhist: BESS

Buddhist Education Services for Schools includes members of all three Buddhist Streams (Theravadin, Mahayana and Vajrayana) from a variety of Buddhist centres. The curriculum consists of modules on the life of the Buddha and his basic teachings. Simple meditation instructions at a level suitable for children will also be given. For further information, download the BESS Brochure (PDF, 5.53 MB).

Catholic (Christian)​

Catholic RI teaches the core beliefs of the Catholic Church, events of Christ's life, death, resurrection and ascension. Bible accounts are read and studied. Classes include prayer. The program utilised is authorised by the Catholic Church.

Inter-Church (Christian)

Inter-Church (Christian) RI includes students and teachers from a variety of Christian denominations and movements including: Anglican, Baptist, Church of Christ, Lutheran, Methodist, Pentecostal, Presbyterian, Salvation Army and Uniting. All students are welcome. The content focuses on Jesus, the teachings of the Bible and relationship with God. Spiritual practices such as prayer are also explored.