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Amnesty International

State High's Amnesty International group is a student-led group that focuses on human rights issues at a local, national and international level. Students meet each week to discuss current issues and actively engage in activities to promote awareness about human rights issues of concern. 

Our students usually attend an Amnesty schools conference each year (depending on hosting), where students hear from Amnesty International representatives and experts who work in human rights sectors. Students enjoy the opportunity to collaborate with other Amnesty school groups from South East Queensland on a range of campaigning activities.

This extra-curricular activity does not require registration and has no fee attached. Students meet weekly on Wednesdays at lunch in i2.42 to discuss, plan and implement their thematic focus for each term. There are no expectations for students to engage in all activities and students can promote their own ideas to further human rights causes. The Amnesty International student resources webpage is a great starting point to learn about the mission of this group:

If you have any further queries, please contact me at:


Contact the Master in Charge if you would like to participate in Amnesty International.