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Technical Crew

​​​​​Established in 2010, the BSHS Technical (Tech) Crew is a service activity, made up of a dedicated team of 40 students ranging from Year 8 to 12. Students specialise in a variety of different fields and are called upon as a team to facilitate and help run most of the major events held at State High. These events can range from musicals to large scale outdoor events such as Create or the State High Rooftop Ball as well as setting up for school assemblies and information evenings and Block Exams.

The Tech Crew is in charge of everything relating to sound, lighting, audio-visual and stage management; they do not work with computers but rather assist the school in setting up and running events. Students can choose to specialise in 1 or more of these areas and will be trained in the field they choose. No prior experience is required. Tech Crew members value the capacity to work effectively in a team, have a willingness to learn, problem solve, communicate effectively and taking initiative.

Being part of the Tech Crew is a major commitment. Members are involved for the duration of their BSHS schooling. The recruitment process occurs annually in Term 1 and involves completing an application form, several trials and an interview. ​

Contact Details

Contact the Master in Charge​ if you would like to participate in the Tech Crew.

Team App

We are using a smartphone app to facilitate easier communication between staff, students and parents. Team App is designed for use on smartphones (android and iPhone), iPads and iPods, and can also be viewed online. It is free to download and does not incur a membership fee.

Team App keeps member contact details private and students cannot communicate with each other through the app.

To download, go to Team App:

1.       Sign-up using your name, date of birth and email address. You'll be sent an email to confirm your registration.

2.       Search for BSHS Technical Crew and request access to the group students, teachers, or parents (whichever applies to you).

3.       Once your request is approved you will be able to see news and upcoming BSHS Technical Crew events.