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Academic Selective Entry

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Brisbane State High School has a strong tradition of academic excellence. Entry to the school through the Academic Selective Entry category is limited and heavily oversubscribed​ each year.

Students are selected on the basis of an order of merit.

Before You Apply

Please read these documents before starting your enrolment application. The following documents are available to download in PDF and RTF files: 

Year 7 2020 Selective Entry Enrolment Information 

HAST Sample Question Booklet

The HAST Sample Question Booklet provides an opportunity for Year 6 students wishing to apply for the Academic Selective Entry exam, to reflect on the types of skills required of the candidate but is not designed to teach candidates these skills. ACER has written this booklet to assist students become familiar with the style and content of the questions at the HAST Junior Secondary level.

Information sourced from

Applying for Academic Selective Entry

Students applying for Year 7 under this category of enrolment must sit the Academic Selective Entry​​ test. This test is used to spread and rank high-performing young students. Test results are the primary selection criterion for entry. 

Students sitting the test must provide a completed Photo Identification For​m (PDF, 129 KB)​, upon registration at the test venue. Students must demonstrate continued excellence in academic, behaviour and effort. 

Year 5 process 

To gain ‘conditional entry’ into Brisbane State High School, applicants in Year 5 are required to: 

  • complete the Year 5 for Year 7, 2021 Enrolment Application form​ (PDF, 522 K​B)​​
  • sit the Academic Selective Entry test and be ra​​nked above the cut-off
  • provide school reports for previous three semesters
  • provide Year 3 NAPLAN report
  • provide Year 5 NAPLAN report (when available) 
  • demonstrate successful participation in the Aspiring Minds Program in Year 6
  • demonstrate continued excellence in academia, effort and behaviour. ​
Year 6 process 

Current Year 6 students applying for Year 7 enrolment under Academic Selective Entry category are required to:

  • complete the Prospective Student Enrolment Application form (PDF, 558 KB)
  • sit the Academic Selective Entry test and be ranked above the cut-off
  • provide school reports for previous three semesters
  • provide Year 3 NAPLAN report​
  • provide Year 5 NAPLAN report
  • demonstrate continued excellence in academia, effort and behaviour. 

Years 8 to 12 process

Applicants for Years 8–12 must provide:

Submitting Your Application


Send your completed prospective student enrolment application package to:

Brisbane State High School
Corner Cordeila and Glenelg Streets​​​​
South Brisbane Qld 4101

Original documents included in the application can be returned by post if the application includes a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Brisbane State High School cannot accept any responsibility for documents sent by mail.

In person

You are welcome to lodge the completed application packages to the school administration o​ffice located on the Merivale Street Campus, between 8.00am and 3.30pm.​