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Humanities students generally:

  • love learning and have inquisitive minds
  • are critical thinkers who respect others
  • are active and responsible people
  • display empathy and a belief in social justice
  • are willing to take risks and challenge themselves.

Students who finish their humanities studies should have developed:

  • research and reference skills
  • a rational and logical argument
  • evidenced based analytical skills
  • respect and acknowledge differing perspectives
  • organisation, planning and time management skills
  • clear and concise communication skills
  • persistence and resilience.

Contact details for the Head of Department are listed under the Leadership and Management Team.


Due to the variety of different subjects offered in humanities, tutorials can be arranged on an individual basis with the teacher.

Senior Humanities teachers run group tutorials in the weeks leading up to ​assessment. The times and dates are emailed to the students before the tutorial.

Subjects offered

T​he 2018 Senior Course Guide​ provides a course overview and describes the required Year 10 prerequisites for Year 11 and 12 subjects.​

Humanities subjects offered for junior and senior students

Year level

Subjects offered

Years 7 and 8

  • Humanities (compulsory for both semesters)
  • Aspire Humanities (selective entry based on application process)

Year 9

  • Humanities (compulsory for both semesters)
  • Aspire Humanities (students who study Aspire in Year 8 move into Year 9 Aspire Humanities. The subject runs for 2 semesters)

Year 10

Students must study 2 Humanities subjects in Year 10 from this list (1 elective per semester):

  • Preparation Ancient History
  • Preparation Economics
  • Preparation Geography
  • Preparation Modern History
  • Preparation Philosophy and Reason
  • Social and Community Studies

Years 11 and 12

  • Ancient History
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • Modern History
  • Philosophy and Reason
  • Social and Community Studies

Subject information

University subjects

Students in Year 12 may choose to study a university subject through the Enhanced Studies Program at the University of Queensland.

Subjects include:

  • International Relations
  • Politics
  • Critical Reasoning
  • Economics
  • Sociology
  • Anthropology
  • Psychology.

Students must apply for this program in Term 4 of Year 11.

QUT and Griffith University also offer programs for Year 12 students, which are advertised in Term 4.


All students who study humanities are able to enter:

  • QHTA Historical Writing Competition
  • National History Challenge
  • The Premier’s ANZAC Prize
  • The Simpson Prize
  • UNYA - Evatt Trophy Competition (Year 10-12)
  • UNYA - Voice (Year 7-10).

Subject-specific competitions:

  • Australian Geography Competition:  Students studying preparation and senior geography in Years 10-12
  • Australian History Competition: Students in Years 8 and 10 studying history and preparation modern history
  • University of Queensland Economics Competition: Year 11 and 12 Economics students
  • Annual Philosothon: teams are selected from the Senior Philosophy classes
  • QLD Schools Constitutional Convention: 5 students are selected from Senior Modern History and Philosophy classes.

Other competitions and opportunities that become available are emailed to students and published in the school notices.​