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Health and Physical Education

Physical Education gives you a chance to explore how the body works in relation to physical activity. Health Education gives you the opportunity to explore real life health issues and consider realistic solutions.

In Health and Physical Education, students develop an understanding of:

  • the human body—including how our bodies move
  • evaluating physical performances—during practical elements
  • game tactics and strategies
  • social health issues
  • health frameworks and their use in analysing and evaluating health issues
  • decision making skills—to implement and refine team and individual performance
  • personal and social skills—such as communication, problem solving, critical and creative thinking, cooperation and persisting with challenges. 

Contact details for the Head of Department are listed under the Leadership and Management Team.

Subjects offered​

Please refer to the Junior Course Guide and Senior Course Guide​ for further information on Health and Physical Education subjects and prerequisites.

Health and physical education subjects subjects offered for junior and senior students

Year level

Subjects offered

Years 7 and 8

  • Health and Physical Education

Year 9

  • Health and Physical Education

Year 10

  • Preparation Physical Education
  • Preparation Health Education
  • SIS30315 Certificate III in Fitness

Year 11

  • Health Education
  • Physical Education
  • SIS30315 Certificate III/IV in Fitness

Year ​12

  • Health Education
  • Physical Education
  • SIS30315 Certificate III/IV in Fitness