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​​​​The Built Environment, Aeronautical Science and Technology (BEAST) faculty is made up of studies around:

  • built environments—represents Engineering, Aspire Engineering, Graphics and Built Environment (for Years 8-10)
  • aeronautical science—represents aerospace studies
  • technology—represents design technology, technology studies, building and construction, Certificate I in Construction, Manufacturing Engineering ​and furnishing studies.

Contact details for the Head of Department are listed under the Leadership and Management Team.


The BEAST computer labs are open every morning before school and every afternoon after school.

Students wishing to use the labs must use the sign-in book in the BEAST staffroom to make a booking.

Subjects offered​

​​T​he senior course guide (PDF, 195 KB) provides a course overview and describes the required Year 10 prerequisites for Year 11 and 12 subjects.​​

BEAST subjects offered for junior and senior students
Year level

Subjects offered

Years 7 and 8

  • Aspire Engineering
  • Built Environment and Engineering
  • Design Technology

Year 9

  • Aspire Engineering
  • Built Environment and Engineering
  • Design Technology

Year 10

  • Built Environment and Engineering
  • Design Technology
  • Engineering Technology
  • Manufacturing engineering 

Years​ 11 and 12

  • Aerospace Studies (Year 12 only) 
  • Building and Construction Studies
  • Certificate I in Construction
  • Engineering Technology
  • Furnishing Studies
  • Graphics

​Competitions and extra credit

Year 8 and 9

Students can participate in the Queensland University of Technology (QUT)​ First Lego League Competition. 

Year 7, 8 and 9 Aspire

Students can compete in the REA F1 Cars in Schools and Aurecon Bridge Competition.

Year 12 Graphics

Thomson Adsett Architects will be providing assistance to students through university and securing a career experience both during and after their time at BSHS.

Year 12 Engineering

Students undertaking school-based Engineering simultaneously receive credit for up to 2 first year Engineering subjects, at no cost to the students. The students will have 16 months to complete the first subject, and successful students will have an opportunity to study a second subject in Year 12 to then apply for direct entry into QUT Engineering.

Year 12 Aerospace

High-achieving students undertaking Aerospace have the opportunity to apply for direct entry to The University of Queensland (UQ), Griffith University and Queensland University of Technology (QUT).

​OnGuard Safety Modules 

​​To complete your OnGuard S​afety Modules please follow the prompts. ​