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Academic, Resilience and Careers (ARC)

​​​The Academic, Resilience and Careers program (ARC) is an integrated pastoral care program that fosters the growth of individual students in the context of caring, learning and community. This 5 year program supports students in developing the skills and knowledge they need to successfully contribute to BSHS and the wider community.

Elements of the ARC program

The program builds on:

  • Academia—an individual’s ability to learn and develop effective study skills and to work productively with their peers and teachers.
  • Resilience—an individual’s ability to cope with stress and adversity. Being resilient relies on being able to ‘bounce back’ from certain situations. It encompasses many elements relating to the building of citizenship and a sense of community.
  • Careers—an individual’s ability to identify their strengths and connect them to career goals. It incorporates goal setting, planning and decision making during and after high school.

ARC supports and sets students up for success and is complementary to what is being taught in their curriculum program. Students will graduate the program with the aptitude to be effective citizens and leaders.

Program structure

The pastoral care structure, consisting of ARC teachers and Heads of Year, delivers programs on a developmental basis according to age, learning and resources. They provide one-on-one monitoring and individual support for students in academic, social and personal areas.

A weekly pastoral care lesson addresses the ongoing needs of students in the areas of:

  • academic preparation
  • study skills
  • life skills
  • communication skills
  • social and individual health
  • career development
  • risk management
  • social concern.

Benefits for students

The ARC program helps students develop positive self-esteem, personal values and resilience. Other important features of the program include learning about:

  • assertiveness
  • managing feelings
  • resolving conflict
  • strengthening support networks
  • dealing with stress
  • positive study habits
  • staying safe
  • caring for others
  • making decisions
  • developing friendships.

The program is built on respect for self and others and develops a student’s ability to handle life's challenges.