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UQ Health Hackathon


During the school holidays, students from the Year 11 Health class travelled to The University of Queensland (UQ) to compete at the UQ Health Hackathon. The Hackathon is a competition where students gather and compete to recommend solutions on how to overcome the current health issues evident in our society.

During the competition, we were given a brief summary of the event and the general health issue of climate change. Each team in the competition were given sub-issues related to climate change and we were required to identify the indirect (long-term impacts) and direct (short-term impacts) risks associated with that certain issue and were then required to present to the panel of judges a solution to reduce those risks.

After the presentations from each team, the judges conferenced and the awards were presented based on the solutions. The State High team was given the topic of 'extreme weather' and for our multiple complex solutions for this broad issue, we were awarded greatly with the 'Most Globally Impactful Solution Award'. We are immensely proud!

The UQ Health Hackathon was a meaningful and intriguing opportunity to learn about our society and environment and the factors that impact it.

Imeshi Dayaratne, Karen Hii, Faryal Hamid, Irene Dao and Sarah Lai Year 11