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Student Compositions Performed by QSO


This semester, a number of students in Year 10 Music Extension, Year 11 Music in Practice and Year 12 Music Extension have been engaged in songwriting workshops with mentor, Mr Tyrone Noonan. At the completion of their composition assessment pieces, all students from the Senior Music and Music Extension classes were given the opportunity to put forward vocal compositions that could be orchestrated and performed by the Queensland Symphony Orchestra. Congratulations to William Ellerton (Year 11 Music in Practice) and Isaac Haynes (Year 12 Music Extension) whose vocal works were selected for orchestration. The orchestration workshops were facilitated by Mr Craig Allister Young. 

The two works chosen were originally contemporary popular songs. William's song was originally composed for two voices, guitar and vocoder, and Isaac's song utilised a number of electronic layers. Year 11 Music in Practice student, Rory Donovan, collaborated with Isaac and William to complete the final orchestrations, which involved critically acclaimed string writing for William's work 'Lyra', and transferring the electronic timbres of Isaac's work into a piece of music playable by a symphony orchestra. 

Congratulations also to the three vocalists, Savanh Hepperlin (Class of 2019), Hyemin Park and Vince Lapore (Year 10), who had the opportunity to sing the two works with the Queensland Symphony Orchestra. Thank you to Mr Tyrone Noonan who facilitated the vocal workshops which assisted the singers to prepare the works for performance with the Queensland Symphony Orchestra.