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Stargazing Live


​On Wednesday 23 May, a group of Year 7 students had the opportunity to participate in 'Stargazing Live' at the ABC Brisbane studio.  They sat enthralled in a session with Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, and astrophysicists, Professor Tamara Davis and Dr Brad Tucker.  They talked to us about why we see stars twinkle, dark matter, dark energy and Earth's place in the Universe. 

 "…last Wednesday was an amazing experience that we will always remember. It was incredible to be amongst our heroes in the field of science, and learn so much more about the world around us. We are extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to receive astonishing insights about a plethora of intriguing topics." - Myiesha Maisuria, Year 7

This event formed part of the final episode of the three-part series 'Stargazing Live' hosted by Professor Brian Cox and Julia Zemiro.  We were part of the live cross in which the World Record for the 'most number of people stargazing in multiple venues' at once was announced.  We smashed the previous record of 7,960 set by ANU in 2015, so much so that they were up to 40,000 people and still counting.

Thanks to Ms Amanda Nuell, Ms Deanne Haffner, Mr Andrew Butterworth and Mr Saul Hardy for organising this fascinating and inspiring excursion.​