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Maths Team Challenge


​On Wednesday 30 May, 30 of our students participated in the annual Maths Team Challenge, organised by Ferny Grove State High School.

The talent of our students was astounding with five of our six teams placing in the Top 3 and our sixth team scoring a close fourth.

Congratulations to the following students: 

Year 11/12 Teams

Team 1 (Year 12 – William Chen, Anditya Hampapur & San Jack Low; Year 11 – William Du & E-Yong Lee) won the competition with a score of 179/200, five points ahead of the second placed team.

Team 3 (Year 12 – James Dann, Cindy Ding & Christina Tang-Fujiwara; Year 11 – Tim Li & Saul Rathbone-Boschis) came third with a score of 154/200.

Year 9/10 Teams​

Team 1 (Year 10 – Jin Leung, Jennifer Mai & Morgan Zhang; Year 9 – Beyas Basu & Wendi Hao) came second with a score of 245/250. The winning team received a perfect score of 250 – just one question ahead of our students.

Team 2 (Year 10 – Milind Bordia, Priscilla Soo & Joel Woodfield; Year 9 – Julie Blaga & Darren Lang) came fourth with a score of 241/250. We were beaten for third place by a solitary one point.

Year 7/8 Teams

Team 1 (Year 8 – Aditya Anand, Vance Lam & Samuel Meredith; Year 7 – Eunsu Choi & Emma Fensom) won the competition with a perfect score of 250. They finished the second part of the competition in 30 minutes, with 20 minutes to spare. It is very rare that any teams finishes the second part (the relay) with a perfect score and the organisers do not ever remember a team finishing that quickly.

Team 2 (Year 8 – Jessica Bailey, Chanel Li & Amrita Sarkar; Year 7 – Vy Khanh Dinh & Roger Yu) came third with a score of 234/250, 5 points behind second place.

Overall, excellent results! Congratulations to all the students for their fine work.​