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International Handball Success


Recently, four State High students and two past students represented Australia in the Handball Federation's Oceanic Cup which was held in New Caledonia. The international tournament involved seven Pacific nations and took place over five days in August. This stage of the competition provided teams with the opportunity to qualify for the Handball World Cup which will be held in Europe in 2020.

Year 10 student Sigrid Dobson and past students Gwen Gillespie and Annabel Mills (Class of 2017) competed in the Australian Under 19 Women's team. The team placed second and qualified for the intercontinental stage which will be held in Europe in March 2020.

Year 10 students Elisabeth Gillespie, Fin Gillespie and Grace Schulz competed in the Australian Under 17 Women's team. The team placed fourth and will not progress to the next qualification stage. However, the players will have the opportunity to trial for places in the Under 19 team which is travelling to Europe.

"We started playing Handball a few years ago when our Personal Development, Health and Physical Education teacher convinced us to join the State School Competition. We did and we actually won! It was a fantastic motivator to continue this team sport that is so different to all other sports."

Sigrid Dobson Year 10 

"It is easy to forget everything else when you are playing handball as it is such a fun, fast-paced, exciting sport. I also love how it requires you to work as a team and bond with other people."

Elisabeth Gillespie Year 10

"Not only is Handball a great sport to watch with a fast scoring pace but it is fantastic to play. I enjoy the highly competitive nature of this seven-a-side team sport requiring accurate passing, throwing, catching and dribbling." 

Grace Schulz Year 10

"I wish to acknowledge our talented coaches, Juan Granada and Beata Hajos at Brisbane Handball Club for their expert guidance and support of the Youth (Under 18) team. We were so privileged to have you accompany us to the Oceanic Cup."

Fin Gillespie Year 10

(L-R) Annabel Mills, Sigrid Dobson, Gwen Gillespie, Elisabeth Gillespie, Fin Gillespie and Grace Schulz.